Collection: Ejaculating Dildos

If you like your sexcapades that little bit sticky, then let Cheeky BDSM introduce you to the climax king - the ejaculating dildo. Perfect for steamy sex toy sessions with dramatic finales, these superpowered pleasure devices are guaranteed to immerse you in a splash of ultra-realism!

Our ejaculating dildos are dressed to impress! Their reservoirs can be filled with your liquid of choice, and with a simple squeeze or press of a button, you can simulate an ejaculation that an AVA winner would be proud of (Google it!). This ejaculating capability feature is great for enhancing role-playing scenarios or for anyone looking to experiment with creampies, bukkakes or body shots using cum lube without the annoying mess.

The build of our ejaculating dildos is also designed to feel incredibly real but with models that range from lifelike phalluses to the mystical cocks of mystical creatures.

Explore Cheeky BDSM's collection of ejaculating dildos and bring home a toy that will add an explosive touch to your love life.