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About Cheeky BDSM

No two BDSM lovers are the same and we all have our own fetishes and naughty kinks. Sex toys and BDSM accessories are perfect for exploring those kinks and fetishes whether you love being tied up or like torturing your partner into submission.

At Cheeky BDSM NZ, our mission is to make all of our customers’ wildest fantasies come true. That is why we have put together the most comprehensive collection of BDSM sex toys available in New Zealand. We have items for BDSM newbies to broaden their horizons and hardcore sex toys for serious subs and doms. From handcuffs to hogties, from butt plugs to ball stretchers, we are sure to have everything you need to take your sex to a whole other level!

The Most Popular BDSM Sex Toys and Accessories

The best thing about BDSM is that it covers such a wide range of kinks, fetishes and sexual activities. There are people who love dominating their partner and others who love being dominated. Some people love roleplaying with their partners or torturing them to the point of an explosive climax. That is why we offer so many different sex toys for Australians which will enable you to take your BDSM play to a whole new level. We have handcuffs, ropes, spreader bars, bondage kits, masks, blindfolds, whips, ticklers, anal plugs, ball stretchers, beads and hooks. 

There is nothing better than a little experimentation so browse our full collection today!

How to Experiment With BDSM

BDSM can be a little intimidating at first. You may be interested in a little spanking or bondage or have
just started experimenting with roleplay in your sex life. The important thing is that you always keep it fun and safe. BDSM sex toys are great because they will allow you to push your limits and see what you enjoy. If you love spanking your partner (or being spanked, yourself!), take it up a notch with one of our beautiful leather whips. If you love giving up control during sex, let your partner handcuff you and do whatever they desire with your body.

We have toys for absolute beginners to the kinkiest of BDSM enthusiasts so browse our full collection today on Australia's largest BDSM store.