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Are you looking to bling up your booty? Cheeky BDSM's jewelled butt plugs are specially chosen for a moon makeover and will have your posterior looking like a princess!

Jewelled butt plugs are the ultimate in intimate decoration. As their name suggests, they incorporate classic butt plugs with a stunning jewel that sits snugly between your cheeks. 

Our jewelled butt plugs are designed with the utmost care, ensuring they look as good as they feel. The body of the plugs are crafted from sleek, polished metal or smooth silicone, materials chosen for their safety and comfort. They have classic butt plugs shapes with tapered tips, narrow necks and wide bases for safety. 

But what truly sets these toys apart is the jewel adorning the bases. These come in various sparkling options, from bold blues to radiant purples, enabling you to express your personal style in the most intimate way. 

Whether you’re spoiling a partner or shopping for yourself, Cheeky BDSM's butt plug collection can add some serious razzle to your rump!