Collection: Pup Hoods

If you are a lover of all things pup play, then a quality pup hood is an absolute must-have! Pup hoods are more than just cute masks; they enable you to immerse yourself in pup play, broaden your horizons and assume your pup role completely.

Cheeky BDSM's collection of pup hoods are the ultimate accessories to get your tail wagging. We have a range of pup hood designs, from full hoods that cover your entire head and face to special hoods with removable muzzles and masks. Our pup hoods are available in various colours and styles so you can customise your look to match your unique pup persona. All of our pup hoods are made from quality materials that are breathable, durable and easy to clean and maintain.

So whether you are a pup play pro or a total newbie looking for new experiences, our pup hood collection will have you covered!