Collection: Anal Training Kits

Are you looking to expand your…boundaries…and embark on new backdoor bedroom adventures? Our anal training kits at Cheeky BDSM are specifically designed to help newbies navigate the often intimidating world of anal play. Think of our anal training kits like the ultimate booty workout programme, offering a smooth entrance (pun intended) to new avenues (ahem!) of pleasure!

Our anal training kits are comprised of butt plugs in varying sizes, from teeny tiny to substantially stretchy. This gradual increase in size allows you to start out small and work your way up at your own pace. 

They are tapered to reduce resistance with flared bases for safety and are made from the softest, most supple materials. These materials are not only gentle on your body but also super easy to clean and look after.

Choose your new anal training kit from Cheeky BDSM's extensive collection and begin your rear-end readiness programme today!