Collection: Double Ended Dildos

If your sex toy collection is getting a bit Plain Jane mundane, then it’s time for a dildo that’s twice as nice! Double ended dildos are super versatile pleasure products, specially designed for dual stimulation. They are the ultimate sex toys for solo DP, simultaneous partner penetration and erotic exploration.

If you are using one of our double ended dildos alone, their natural flexibility makes them the perfect dildo for DP play. On the flip side, when you are sharing your double ended dildo with your partner, there is no end to the combination of positions and orifices you can experiment with together. It’s all about synchronising your rhythms!

Each of our double ended dildos is made with premium silicone, ensuring they are soft to the touch yet firm enough to deliver satisfaction to all the right spots. We have options ranging in size, shape and texture so you are sure to find the perfect match.

Double your delight with Cheeky BDSM's range of double ended dildos.