Collection: Beginners Butt Plugs

Ready to venture into the world of anal play but not sure where to start? Cheeky BDSM's beginner butt plugs at are here to guide you through your first foray with the ultimate ease and comfort. Designed specifically with the backdoor newbie in mind, these plugs can help you discover new forms of pleasure without diving too deep too fast.

Our beginner butt plugs are all about making the first experience as enjoyable and stress-free as possible. They come in modest sizes, with a maximum diameter that’s manageable for those without any previous anal play experience. 

They have a gently tapered tip for easy insertion and a wide base for safety. All our beginners butt plugs are made from the softest, most forgiving materials, which are gentle to your body and hygienic and easy to clean.

Browse Cheeky BDSM's beginners butt plugs collection where good things really do come in small packages.