Collection: Paddles

There is nothing like a bit of spanking to get you in the mood for more spanking! That’s why Cheeky BDSM offers a huge range of different toys that are perfect for painting someone’s backside pink.

As well as our other impact toys like whips and floggers, Cheeky BDSM’s range of paddles are among the best-selling toys on our site. We have studded vegan leather paddles for that classic S&M look, unforgiving wooden paddles, as well as comprehensive BDSM kits with paddles, collars, restraints and blindfolds. All of our paddles are made with the highest quality materials so they have years of whacking in them.

Cheeky BDSM provides fast, reliable and discreet delivery (that means no paddle-shaped box) with free delivery on all orders over $79.