Collection: Floggers

Floggers resemble the cat o’ nine tails, which are the classic whips used in historical times to dish out punishment. Historically, they were made with tough leather lashes which sometimes had metal hooks on the end. While our versions are not quite so dangerous they still provide a severe sting when used on a disobedient sub. 

Floggers come in a range of different sizes, shapes and materials but the basic design is a handle with multiple strips that are lashed across a person’s body. In BDSM play this can be for punishment, training and even reward. At Cheeky BDSM, floggers are some of our all-time favourite impact toys which is why we provide a whole collection for you to choose from. All are made from excellent materials and we have both individual floggers and leather BDSM kits with floggers available.

As with all our toys, Cheeky BDSM provides fast, reliable delivery on our floggers with free shipping across New Zealand for orders over $79.