Collection: Whips

Whips are among the most serious impact toys that we sell at Cheeky BDSM. They are the ideal toy for dishing out some pain (and a little pleasure) to your sub, punishing disobedience and training them to do as you want. While whips may be a little intimidating at first, they are versatile, effective and a whole lot of fun.

We have a vast array of different whips to help you make all your desires come true and explore your wildest fantasies and fetishes. We have springy whips that deliver a severe sting and even tail whips with anal plugs at the end. All the whips in our collection are made from the highest quality materials so they will withstand years of whipping.

Cheeky BDSM offers speedy, discreet shipping on all our whips and other bondage toys across New Zealand. We also provide 100% free delivery for all orders over $79 as a special reward for our customers.