Collection: Hollow Butt Plugs

Are you in the market for a sex toy that leaves you wide open for new experiences? Then hollow butt plugs are exactly what you are looking for! Also called tunnel butt plugs, these unique anal sex toys work just like regular butt plugs but, as their name suggests, are completely hollow. 

This means they provide all the stretch and stimulation that butt plugs are known for but also act as a portal for penetrative pleasure!

Fingers, dildos, tongues and liquids can all make their way down the tunnel of love. This allows you to hit all of those deeply hidden sweet spots and is also an amazing way to explore parts of the body that are all too often neglected.

Cheeky BDSM's collection of hollow butt plugs all have a classic taper for easy insertion with a tapered base for safety. They are made from 100% body-safe materials so you can just sit back (pardon the pun) and enjoy the backseat ride (pardon another pun)!