Collection: Cuffs & Shackles

Bondage is a quintessential part of BDSM with so many people loving nothing more than letting their partner tie them up and do whatever they want with their helpless body (or the other way round, of course!)

Shackles and cuffs are must-have items for every BDSM sex toy chest and there are so many different ways to use them during S&M roleplay and dom-sub sex sessions. Our customers simply can’t get enough cuffs and shackles so we are constantly looking for the newest, hottest bondage items to fulfil their every desire.

We have a huge range of different cuffs and shackles for you to incorporate into your BDSM play. From classic shackles to furry handcuffs and leather chokers to full-on spreader bars, our collection is sure to have the perfect item for dominating your naughty sub. If you are looking to fill your bondage chest in one go, we even have complete sets that include handcuffs, collars, blindfolds and shackles.