Unleash Your Sensual Side with Nipple Clamps and other Nipple Toys


nipple sucker on the left and nipple clamps with love heart pendant on the right


Nipple clamps and other nipple toys may be the answer you are looking for if you need a sex toy that can stimulate you in a variety of unique ways.

Whether you are curious about nipple play and just getting started or a seasoned veteran, there are nipple toys for all levels of experience. You can find toys like adjustable nipple clamps if you are just starting out, weighted nipple clamps if you want to add extra pressure and even vibrating nipple clamps for extra stimulation.

Keep on reading to learn more about using nipple clamps and nipple toys.

Types of nipple toys

Nipple Clamps

Nipple clamps are one of the most popular toys to get when it comes to nipple play. This is because the wide variety of clamp designs available allows people to find the perfect nipple toy for their needs.

They all work exactly the same though, which is by attaching to the nipple to apply pressure. Some nipple toys are adjustable so you can select how intense the sensation is, which comes in handy for beginners or people who have a low pain tolerance.

Some types of nipple clamps are:

  • Clothespin style clamps
  • Adjustable clamps
  • Weighted clamps
  • Vibrating clamps
  • E-stim clamps (electro stimulation)

The intensity of the nipple clamp depends on factors such as the amount of pressure it applies to your nipples, the weight of the nipple clamp and other features like vibration and electro stimulation. As New Zealands leading BDSM store, we recommend you start with nipple clamps that are suitable for your body and level of experience, beginners will want to steer clear from E-stim clamps and should look for adjustable clamps that will ease them into nipple play. 

Nipple Suckers

These are also quite popular toys for nipple play. Nipple suckers utilise suction to create a vacuum around the nipples, increasing their size and sensitivity due to the increased blood flow. While they can be used alone, they are often used to enhance the sensations of nipple toys used afterwards.

Don’t get too carried away if you are a beginner to using nipple suckers. Start off with either a low level of suction or a shorter amount of time spent using the pump and work your way up as you become comfortable using it. 

Nipple chains

Nipple chains are similar to nipple clamps, except you can do a lot more with them. By gently tugging on the chain, you can pull on the nipples for pleasure or use it as a leash.

Safety considerations

Communicating with your partner before and during nipple play will ensure that you are both on the same page and are enjoying the session. Nipple play can enhance your sex life but it can only do that when you have consent.

Hygiene is important for all of your sex toys and nipple toys are not an exception to this, so make sure you clean them before and after sessions to prevent bacteria from building up. Warm water and soap will be a good enough clean for most cases, but if you need something stronger you can use antibacterial soap, toy cleaner, diluted bleach or rubbing alcohol.


The nipples are an erogenous zone that can get overlooked, so why not get nipple clamps to stimulate them for you? Whether you prefer the sensation of your nipples being pinched, weighed down, sucked, vibrated or even shocked, there is a nipple toy out there that can satisfy your needs.