Collection: Ass Masturbators

Curious about kicking your solo sessions up a notch or two? Or maybe you are a couple eager to explore new titillating territories together? Then let us take you through the ins and outs (pardon the pun!) of ass masturbators - the ultimate gateways to new erotic experiences. 

Cheeky BDSM's ass masturbators are designed to look and feel like a genuine booty. They come in various shapes and sizes (just like the real thing!), each with unique features and in a rainbow of skin tones. Most importantly, our ass masturbators have a variety of textured interior canals with ribs, bumps and beads, each crafted to enhance sensation and emulate the true feel of anal play.

Durability and hygiene are top priorities for our ass masturbators. They are made from premium materials that are easy to clean and designed to last, offering both fun and functionality.

Check out Cheeky BDSM's full range of ass masturbators and pound your way to pleasure!