Collection: Extra Quiet Vibrators

Are you looking for a sex toy that delivers all the delights with none of the noise? Then check out our collection of extra quiet vibrators. Perfect for sneaking in a solo session or indulging in some risky partner play, these toys are ready to turn the heat up and the volume down! 

Cheeky BDSM's extra quiet vibrators are crafted with sound-dampening materials and the latest in low-noise motor technology. Whether you're living in a dorm, have nosy roommates, or just prefer to keep your private life exactly that - private - an extra quiet vibrator can be your best-kept secret.

But don’t let their stealthiness fool you! These vibrators may be quiet but they still pack a serious punch!  You can cycle through different modes and speeds until you find the perfect vibes to match your vibe.

Our extra quiet vibrators come in a variety of designs, from bullet-sized beauties to more substantial models. Each is made from body-safe materials that are soft to the touch and simple to clean.

Explore the quieter side of ecstasy with our extra quiet vibrators.