Collection: Gags, Blindfolds and Hoods

All of our senses play a huge part during sex. Sight, smell, taste and touch enhance intimate moments and fiery play. But taking senses away can add a new dimension to sex, make other senses stronger and help you to roleplay and experiment with power.

Cheeky BDSM has a serious collection of different gags, blindfolds and hoods, all of which can be used to affect your senses, disorientate you and leave you completely at the whim of your partner. Our hoods not only make you blind, but they can also affect your hearing and even restrict your breathing. This takes a lot of trust because your partner is the only one who can release you from the hood. Our ball gags will render you unable to speak which is also perfect for playing with control and dom/sub roles.

All of our gags, blindfolds and hoods have fast, safe delivery with all orders over $79 eligible for free delivery.