Collection: Impact Toys

As everybody knows, Spanking puts the S in BDSM (well, maybe not, but it definitely could!) which is why impact toys are some of the best sellers at Cheeky BDSM. BDSM allows people who enjoy giving or receiving a little pain to do so in a safe, erotic way. This means spanking, choking, teasing and torturing your partner. 

Impact toys can help to take your BDSM play to another level which is why Cheeky BDSM has put together a huge range of toys that are perfect for pleasuring and punishing your partner. We have whips, paddles, flogs, riding crops and many more. All of our impact toys are made of high-quality materials so they will still be as good as new after thousands of lashes. You can buy our impact toys as individual items or choose a BDSM kit with impact toys included.