Collection: Male Anal Toys

Gentlemen, it’s time for a backdoor bonanza with our exclusive range of male anal toys. Whether you’re a curious newbie ready to explore or a seasoned enthusiast looking for new thrills, our male anal toys are specifically designed to enhance the experience from the rear entrance.

Our male anal toy line up features everything from prostate stimulators for P-spot pleasure to vibrating butt plugs for hands-free hallelujahs! We also have an extensive collection of male anal toys that can help to ease intrepid new explorers into the exciting world of anal sex. There are inflatable butt plugs for slow expansion and anal training kits for booty camp 101.

Our male anal toys are designed for rear-end romping with tapered tips and safety features and are made from body-safe materials that are easy to clean and sterilise. Most importantly, they can all be used with your favourite lubes to slip and slide their way in.

Browse Cheeky BDSM's full collection of male sex toys and approach your pleasure from a whole new angle.