Collection: Mouth Gags

Mouth gags are must-have items for every serious BDSM sex toy collection. They are used for rendering a sub completely silent, forcing them to submit to their dom’s will. But this silence is not merely a tool for control! It is an opportunity to enhance the power of touch, body language and erotic gestures, heightening intimacy and understanding between partners.

Cheeky BDSM's mouth gag collection caters to every kink and fetish. We have a range of different designs - including hardcore mouth gags to mute outspoken subs and softer, more malleable gags for exciting first-time experimentation. 

All the mouth gags in our collection are made from the highest quality, body-safe materials and are easy to clean and maintain. They come in various sizes and with adjustable straps to ensure your comfort and pleasure every time.

So if you’re ready for silently sensual erotic experiences, browse our full range of mouth gags today!