Collection: Nipple Pumps

Nipples are hubs of intense nerve endings which makes them some of our most sensitive sweet spots. They can be licked, nibbled, pinched and tweaked, producing unique pleasure (and a little sexy pain!)

If you are looking for new and exciting ways to enhance your nipple naughtiness, then you need to add nipple pumps to your sex toy collection. These ingenious devices are placed over the nips and pumped, engorging the delicate little love nubbins and making them super sensitive. This can be incredibly pleasurable on its own and can also prep your nips for extra nipple play.

Cheeky BDSM has a fantastic collection for nipple noobs and pump pros alike. They come in a range of sizes, designs and materials, to fit every nipple and fulfil every fantasy. Our nipple pumps can be used by people of every gender and sexual persuasion and are built for even the most hardcore pumping!

Browse our full nipple pump collection and add some pumping to your humping!