Collection: Penis Sleeves & Penis Extenders

Are you looking to embark on a journey of personal…growth? Well, a little change can make a big difference, and Cheeky BDSM's collection of penis sleeves and extenders can provide truly transformative power. Perfect for those who dare to enhance, penis extenders and sleeves slip on over your manhood and instantly add more length, more girth and more pleasure. 

Our penis sleeves come in various textures - from gently ribbed to intensely nubby - each designed to provide unique sensations for yourself and your partner. They are also designed to help keep your soldier solidly at attention and prevent him from discharging his weapon too early. 

Our penis extenders are all about the long game. They are worn to increase the natural length of your equipment to dive to deeper depths. Both our penis sleeves and extenders are made from safe, medical-grade materials, ensuring comfortable and hygienic enhancement every time.

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