Collection: Unicorn Dildos

Unicorns are among the most revered mythical creatures, famed for their innocence and strength. The celestial creature is the subject of myriad fantasies and fables and is also the muse for Cheeky BDSM's legendary collection of unicorn dildos.

Unicorn dildos are stunning fantasy sex toys that capture the elegance and aura of the unicorn. Fashioned with meticulous attention to detail, Cheeky BDSM's unicorn dildos are extra girthy and extra long and feature contours specifically shaped to caress your most elusive erogenous zones. 

All of our unicorn dildos are made from premium medical-grade silicone so they feel great, look amazing and will last you years of fun. They come in a range of awesome designs and colour combinations so they are both functional and beautiful sex toys

Our unicorn dildos are the perfect sex toys for solo play, partner fun and, of course, exploring all your unicorn-based fantasies. Browse our full unicorn dildo range today and get ready for some horn-y action!