Collection: Vibrating Butt Plugs

Get ready to buzz your way to bliss with the vibrating butt plugs from Cheeky BDSM. Ideal for anyone who loves a bit of rhythm in their romp,  these specially designed anal toys can bring a shake rattle and roll to your backdoor fun!

Each of our vibrating butt plugs is designed with your pleasure in mind. They come equipped with various vibration settings, from gentle pulses to intense patterns, allowing you to drift along in delight or ramp up the revs. They are made from high-quality, super-soft silicone that feels dreamy inside you, while the powerful motors send deeply resonating vibes throughout your whole body. 

With simple push-button interfaces or remote controls, you can switch up the intensity without missing a beat. And if that’s not enough, many of our models are discreet enough to be worn wherever, whenever you want.

Browse Cheeky BDSM's full collection of vibrating butt plugs and get ready for a rumble in the deep!