Collection: Weighted Butt Plugs

Are you looking to add a few extra pounds to your posterior? We’re not talking squats, we’re talking weighted butt plugs - the ultimate anal toys for blissfully bulking your booty. 

Store’s weighted butt plugs are specially designed to provide a seriously satisfying stretch. The weight of the plug shifts subtly with your movements, sending waves of pleasure with every twist, turn and thrust. If you like to wear your butt plug 24/7, the extra weight acts as a randy reminder of your naughty secret.

Our weighted butt plugs are made from premium materials that feel incredible against your skin and deep inside you. Our stainless steel plugs provide a luxurious, unforgiving weight and are perfect for temperature play. Silicone weighted butt plugs offer a totally different experience, combining horny heft with soft, silky comfort. 

Check out Cheeky BDSM's full collection and add one of our weighted wonders to your backdoor bonanzas!